You’re pudgy, covered in blood and feces. You’re wearing sunglasses at 1am – indoors. Your ratty boots are missing their laces, your leather jacket smells like a subway toilet…and…you’re in nothing more than a jock strap barely covering your nut sack.  You’ve had way to many beers and you’re pretty much pissing off everyone at the party.  You’re filthy. You’re Hated! You’re GG Allin for Halloween this year and you don’t give a flying fuck.

Halloween Costume Ideas GG Allin headerWell, you don’t actually have to live the part, but more power to ya if you do. The GG look is pretty easy to pull off and the hardest part is simply having the balls to…well…show off your balls.  Grab a Sharpie and draw on the tattoos. Whip up some blood by cutting yourself open with a broken glass bottle…just kidding…sort of. Or you can be a blood bartender by mixing up a cocktail of corn syrup, warm water, corn starch, red food coloring, powdered cocoa, and a dash of green or yellow food coloring for realness.  Grab a beer, some sunglasses, and a random microphone for a prop. Nice touch. Leave your dignity home for the night.

  • Black studded leather jacket
  • Boots
  • Bandana
  • Jock strap or tighty whities – you can go for boxers or shorts if this isn’t your style
  • Sharpie for tattoos
  • Band buttons
  • Fake mustache – or a razor to sculpt the one you already have
  • Fake blood
  • Studded collar
  • Beer gut
  • Wool hat

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Photography: © 2011 Mr. D Photography / www.mrd-photography.com
Model: Colin Betor of Neutron Rats

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